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Resistance Bands

ProSource Flat Exercise Resistance Bands with Door Anchor and Fitness Manual (Set of 3)

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Product Features for ProSource Flat Resistance Bands

  • 3 different levels of resistance
  • Green = light, Orange = medium, Blue = heavy
  • Comes with a door anchor and handy travelling bag
  • ProSource flat resistance bands are perfect for for strength training, pilates, or physical therapy
  • All ProSource resistance bands have the ProSource name and trademark on them. It it doesn't have the ProSource name, than it isn't a genuine ProSource product.

Product Description for ProSource Flat Resistance Bands

Don't be fooled by the imitators, get that beach body you always wanted courtesy of ProSource! These bands come with a convenient door anchor, so you can do your exercises anywhere in the house. Resistance bands are a great alternative to free weights and workout machines. Each resistance band is made from the highest-quality latex rubber, helping it hold up to heavy use whether you're working your back, chest, arms, or abs. Just as significantly, the bands offer several progressive resistance levels, making the set useful for everyone from beginners to experts. They are also perfect for all types of physical therapy including rehabbing torn rotator cuffs, bad elbows, and damaged knees. This resistance bands set is light and compact enough to travel with you anywhere and supports some of the latest workout routines, including but not limited to P90X, CrossFit, Slimin6, Insanity and TurboJam and more! Don't buy cheap knockoffs. Train like a Pro, train with ProSource™

Band Specifitcations:

Green Resistance Band - Light
Orange Resistance Band- Medium
Blue Resistance Band -Heavy

Why ProSource Resistance Bands are better than Free Weights:

- Travel. ProSource Bands are perfect for traveling. You can easily pack them for travel and do exercises wherever you happen to be.

- They increase coordination.
 Because there's tension throughout the exercises, instead of just during one motion like with tradition weights, you have to control your body throught the exercise. This helps with coordination, balance. 

- Better for strength training.
 Because of the resistance level throughout the exercise, you also involve more muscle groups and get a more complete exercise with each exercise

- Variety.
 When using free weights, you're often limited to the exercises you can do. However, with ProSource Bands, the band allows you to change your positioning in multiple ways. This changes how your body works, what muscles are affected and how each exercise feels

- Cost. Resistance bands are inexpensive for under $100 you can get every ProSource Band giving you tons of options for different resistance levels. For a similar free weight experience you would be spending hundreds of dollars.

Why ProSource Resistance Bands are better than other resistance bands

-Superior Manufacturing. Our resistance bands use a process called dipping. Traditionally the color of a resistance band is mixed directly with the latex, weaking the material in the band, decreasing its durability and making it more likely to snap. Dipped bands keep the latex as is so ProSource Bands are built to last!

-Quality Control. All ProSource resistance bands are tested using the latest quality control technologies.

-Cost. Because of our superior manufactoring and quality control, we are able to save on the cost of producing resistance bands. This leads to direct savings for the consumer.

-Variety. We offer a staggering variety of resistance bands. Most resistance bands top out at around 25lbs of resistance. But with our cutting edge set of Xtreme bands, we break through previous limits to create an intensive set of bands that no other company offers.